It's so beautifully arranged on the plate — you know someone's fingers have been all over it.

— Julia Childs on nouvelle cuisine

August 26, 2011


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My mother emailed me today to ask if there was a way her friend could save a voicemail on her Blackberry to a computer disk. Her husband is recently deceased and she has a saved message from him she’d like to retain. Of course voicemails aren’t stored on a Blackberry, but they are saved for a certain period of time on the carrier’s voicemail system.

I thought I could do it fairly easily using GMail’s phone calling feature and an audio capture utility for Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. Audio Hijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba is the utility I already had, so I initiated a call to my own Verizon voicemail and turned on recording in AHP. But this wasn’t working out with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion); AHP isn’t fully compatible yet with the new sandboxing model in 10.7.

Next, reboot into 10.6.8 and try again there. This time it was working, but the recorded audio would not play through (though it does with other apps). So I could record the phone call but wouldn’t be able to respond to prompts.

Last try I used WireTap from Ambrosia Software and this time I was able to hear the audio during recording, and successfully created a recording.

For months my MBP 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (running Mac OS X 10.6.x) has been locking up under high CPU load. It happened most often when playing adobe flash video, or Silverlight video, but generally most anything that put high load on the CPU would eventually result in WindowServer locking up. For awhile I thought the video card was failing or maybe I had some bad RAM, but none of the research on those topics, or related to WindowServer choking produced any results.

UPDATE: I finally got to the bottom of this issue. It’s another defective GPU/video card in Mac laptops (actually, I think the ATIRadeon x1600 was used in other models which exhibit the same problems). There’s plenty of complaints and details to be found with this Google search: ATIRadeon x1600 Failures in Macs

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February 5, 2011


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If you’re using WordPress Multisite to manage multiple WP blogs, you may want to configure individual favicon icons for each sub-site. There’s a write-up over here. Note that you need to upload the favicon.ico file to wp-content/blogs.dir/XX/files where XX is the site ID number.

And here’s an easy to use online favicon generator.

Inevitably you’ll probably run into the problem of making changes to your icon and still seeing the old one in your browser. Try changing the name of the favicon.ico file to a name your browser hasn’t seen, make the same update in the functions.php file (as discussed on the linked site above) then reload your home page.

January 10, 2006

Blogging, wkw

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Last year (2005) when I started my first WordPress blog, I was looking for a better way to stick Google AdSense ads to the posts, and an easy way to manage where and when those ads are shown. Since nothing existed at the time, I sat down to write my own WordPress plugin, AdSense-Deluxe.
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January 4, 2006


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It seems that everytime I start trying to satisfy some curiosity of mine — like learning about electric food smokers — pages come up high in the search results. But I can’t stand that site! Maybe I’ve never given them a fair chance, but my intial reaction is always that there’s too many ads intermingled with too little information, and they string you from one page to the next with the hope that following an enticing link will bring you to what you seek. And let’s not forget the framing of offsite pages…. But they are so ubiquitious (and now owned by the Times Corporation … think NYT). Anyone have some good things to say about

I went on a post-Christmas kitchen buying spree tonight picking up a couple of items for my kitchen which I’ve had my eye on for several years. One, a heavy-duty stand mixer, the other a food vacuum packaging device.
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December 24, 2005

Books, Catskills

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I picked up this book (Catskill Hotels) in Phoenicia (NY) today for a last-minute Christmas present to give to my parents in Michigan. Spent some time surfing through it this evening. It contains some great photos and brief stories of some of the more famous hotels in the Catskill mountains, along with tidbits about the activities which went on during those hotels’ heydays… While digging up an image of the book cover at, I came across several other intersting books about the Catskills and the Borscht Belt days.

Catskill Hotels (Images of America) - Irwin Richman

At one time, according to the Catskill Institute, there were more than a thousand hotels spread across the mountains of Greene, Ulster, Delaware, and Sullivan Counties. The Catskills were an exciting world full of pleasures to be enjoyed, with summer and winter activities characterized by entertainment, food, sports, card playing, and food again. Catskill Hotels, with a collection of some two hundred images, tells the story of this world, which began with Americaís first resort hotel, the Catskill Mountain House, continued with places such as the world-famous Grossingerís, and can still be found today at Kutsherís Country Club, the Mountain House at Lake Mohonk, and a few other hardy resorts.
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December 20, 2005

Mac OS X, Macintosh

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There’s a new open-source browser for Mac OS X based on Apple’s WebKit and the KHTML rendering engine… Continue reading →

Finally… NetFlix gets nailed with a class action lawsuit for throttling (slowing down how fast returned movies are recorded and sending out the next movie in your queue) subscribers. I dumped NetFlix after three months when I noticed my DVDs were being sent slower and slower. The settlement provides for one free month of rentals (the lawyers surely made out much better then us subscribers) for past and present subscribers.

December 14, 2005

Apple Computer, wkw

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I had to replace my old G4 Titanium PowerBook last week when the cat knocked it to the floor and busted both hinges, (note: PBResQ is going to repair the hinges and bezel around the LCD for me. I’ve sent friends to them for iPod battery replacements and other iPod repairs) so I ran out and purchased a new 15″ 1.67GHz superdrive PowerBook from MacMall, only to unpack it and find it had a dead battery which wouldn’t charge and even worse, a totally defective trackpad button.
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