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By , on December 14, 2005

Apple Computer, wkw

I had to replace my old G4 Titanium PowerBook last week when the cat knocked it to the floor and busted both hinges, (note: PBResQ is going to repair the hinges and bezel around the LCD for me. I’ve sent friends to them for iPod battery replacements and other iPod repairs) so I ran out and purchased a new 15″ 1.67GHz superdrive PowerBook from MacMall, only to unpack it and find it had a dead battery which wouldn’t charge and even worse, a totally defective trackpad button.

I spent days researching the problems and on the phone with MacMall and Apple Support (see: Broken Trackpad and dead battery on new PowerBook 15″ for background and links to other reports of new PowerBook problems; check the comments to see how the case is being resolved). Both MacMall and Apple wanted me to send the machine in for repair, but sorry… that’s totally unacceptable. I might as well just have new Apple hardware shipped directly to Apple Repairs…

A replacement machine is arriving this morning by priority delivery. I like the larger screen resolution (25% more than my 15″ Titanium) and it’s twice as fast as my old PB and Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) is very cool. For what it’s worth, MacMall has the 17″ 1.67GHz PowerBook with SuperDrive on sale right now for $1,899 (reg. $2494). As usual, I missed the sale by a week…

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