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By , on January 10, 2006

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Last year (2005) when I started my first WordPress blog, I was looking for a better way to stick Google AdSense ads to the posts, and an easy way to manage where and when those ads are shown. Since nothing existed at the time, I sat down to write my own WordPress plugin, AdSense-Deluxe.

The response to the plugin’s release has been tremendous: ProBlogger readers rated it a “must-have” plug-in, and the turn-key Power Your WordPress software includes it as one of its core plugins. The popularity of WordPress continues to grow and hundreds of thousands of bloggers are earning income from their blogs.

WordPress 2.0 was just released and I spent today updating AdSense-Deluxe to work with WP 2.0′s Rich Editor (a WYSIWYG HTML editor — with flaws…) and to work with Yahoo! Publisher Network ads.

In a nutshell, AdSense-Deluxe allows you to setup any number of ad formats then insert them into individual WordPress Posts or your WordPress theme templates. The Plugin’s option panel allows for globally enabling or disabling ads, or turning them on/off for specific locations within your WordPress blog. It also includes the AdSense Preview tool for seeing the ads which would display on for a given blog post.

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  1. [...] I also want to thank the following WordPress plugin developers for helping to make my site so much better; Arnaud Froment for Extended Live Archives, Alexander Malov and Mike Lu for Related Posts, Scott Merrill for Subscribe 2 and the Backup and Wayne Keith Walrath for Adsense Deluxe. All of your plugins are excellent. Thank all of you for your time and effort! [...]

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